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100-The 100th call

The importance of taking time to be with yourself in your life. The sacredness of pausing to get grounded and centered within yourself, so you can hear your intuition and know what you need to feel sustained and fulfilled in your own life. 
I see many people get root bound in their way of being because this is "just how it is". It is like any plant or animal, it will live within the confines it is given and not know any different, until it does. We humans often do the same thing. We live within our own confines of our limited beliefs, victim mentality or the mental constructs until we can see there is another way. 

1-Kick off call

The very first call I did on this path of mentor coaching.

On the call this Wednesday I’m speaking to the words we speak to ourselves.
You see, whether we speak them out loud or not, what goes on in our head is predominant to the fruit we bear in the universe. Yes, the external universe, but more than that how we feel inside our internal universe. We are the micro-cosm of the macro-cosm.

I am being triggered by some people. I’m wondering what and why I am feeling so irritated. I’m wondering why I feel so plugged in by what others are or are not doing/being/behaving.I’m coming out sideways in my own comments, as a result of feeling this way. I do recognize things are revealing themselves and showing up to be cleared out. Yes, I understand that intellectually, however, I’m still acting out sideways. IE: being short and snarky with people…

On this journey to Loving Ourselves From the Inside Out, it is important that we know our value and what we feel. Our feelings are not facts, however, they do let us know when something is good or not in our life. Our feelings remind us of our human-ness and can be a guide to what is working or not in our relationships with others and ourselves. This is when delivery and timing can be critically important. When I assess my feelings and determine what is going on inside, then, I can decide if I want to address something with someone. I get to look it how we relate to each other. Is it working effectively or not for me? Am I taking something personal that is not personal? What am I REALLY feeling?

Now, I'm thinking about our own lives when we are on this journey of learning to love ourselves from the inside out.  How much it may feel like a sacrifice to change our behaviors, beliefs and attitudes about ourselves and live a much more fulfiliing life. We don't usually physically die in the process making different choices, but it may feel like something has died in us. 

Fortunately, we caused no harm to each other or our relationship. We ate food and miraculously changed our mood.
This is a simple warning sign that has the potential to turn into a big deal. Please listen to hear more tips and tools to the behaviors that are revealing something deeper that is happening on the inside of us.

These voices in my head, when they are in fear, ARE NOT my friend. They are there to sabotage and keep me from stepping out and feeling uncomfortable. They think they are keeping me safe from experiencing pain. When I remember all the evidence in my life that reveals I have always been safe and taken care of NO MATTER how scary jumping felt, I can alleviate the voices in my head.

7-Forgiving myself

I did something the other day and I have not been able to reconcile with myself. My gramma was put into a memory care facility on July 1. I offered to come over on that day to help with anything left to do, since I am limited on my availability to be of service. I was told the best way I could help would be to take her cat to the pound, since she could not take it with her to her new living place.
I sobbed that night thinking I signed this cat’s death warrant. It went against my VERY NATURE to leave this cat to it’s certain death. The TRUTH is I have no idea what will happen to the cat. I pray for him everyday.

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